Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What if the iPhone would not be called the iPhone?

The iPhone, a name that has defined a brand as a whole market. The iPhone brand has penetrated to a level that neither Apple itself had imagined the day he decided to baptize their mobile phone. A lot of people use the iPhone name to refer to the general smartphone, "What is that, an iPhone?", Surely you have heard many of the smartphone though he referred had little or nothing to do with him . But what would have happened if the iPhone has not been named?

Here we show the names that Apple was on the table when naming his revolutionary creation, we are sure that you will draw the odd smile.

iphone5 nombre ¿Y si el iPhone no se Hubiera Llamado iPhone?

The iPhone could have called Mobi, tripod or as Ken Segall TELEPOD

Former Apple advertising director, Ken Segall, responsible among other things for the Think Different campaign memorable, has left us a very interesting beads. Segall made a speech this week in the Department of Marketing at the University of Arizona in which revealed some of the names that were on board before baptizing him as the smartphone Apple iPhone.

Mobi, Tripod, Micromac, TELEPOD, iPad. No, not appliance names are the names that could have the iPhone. First things first. One option that was harder sounded Mobi, a word taken from the abbreviation of "mobile" and according Segall "seemed a creative name and personality." Another option was TriPod, result of the union of an iPod, a phone and an internet communications device. Note that this idea was very present and Steve Jobs made special emphasis on them when they introduced the first iPhone, but was not chosen name. Micromac as idea that the iPhone was a small Mac did not work too well. TELEPOD also sounded very strongly, Apple liked the name because it was a "futuristic touch to the phone" and also included the particle "pod" which gave brand identity. Finally, iPad also shuffled, but was not chosen for the mobile would be selected to crown the apple tablet.

Here is how the presentation Segall talks about the different names of the iPhone:

Apple's history has always included these possible names that would be and in the end there were. For example, the Macintosh, the first computer to include a graphical interface, could have been called "The Bicycle" by Steve Jobs himself fad finally believed the name was not appropriate for the product. A similar case happened with the iMac, Jobs hated that name, he always wanted to call Apple Computer incónico "MacMan". Finally the "i" prevailed in the product name and continued with the original planer. Finally, it is at least curious that different names may have had Apple's browser, Safari. Alexander, Feedom and iBrowse were considered as possible candidates. Safari was finally chosen, although there's no denying that his grace would have iBrowse.

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