Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Undo the AutoFill Music on the iPad or iPhone

If you have an Apple device, be it an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod Touch, should manejarnos and with some ease into the program that manages all of these devices, iTunes. For some it is quite an ordeal to get along with this program and functions that a priori should be simple as playing music or videos become an ordeal. iTunes is full of different functions and if not properly understand we might have trouble carrying out what we want to do.

One is the AutoFill feature, which automatically selects a list of songs in our library and full clearance of our device to the limit we have selected. One of the most common problems to play music is the first time we use this when you just want to spend a couple of songs and then we do not know how to correct it. Here we give a few simple steps.

autorelleno itunes Deshacer el Autorelleno de Música en el iPad o iPhone

AutoFill undo the music to any iPad or iPhone from iTunes

  1. As we can see in the picture above, this would look like that would have the music tab of your iPad if you accidentally selected the "Fill free space with songs automatically." We must uncheck the option.
  2. Once we have unchecked the box click Apply or Sync, depends iTunes version that you may be using. For the newest, the button is in the lower right corner.

Thus all the music that had been included by the AutoFill option will be eliminated and only those who have transferred songs manually, in the event that we have done, will be preserved.

If instead selected the option to "manage music and videos manually" in the main menu of our device in iTunes, we must go to the tab "This iPad" to uncheck the AutoFill option. In addition we will find a menu of options that adds more possibilities to AutoFill feature, where you can select, among other things, we want to allocate space for the songs to be transferred automatically. Always keep in mind that if the option to manually transfer the contents is selected, you may not be able to undo the AutoFill if the device is linked to another iTunes library, as we do from there.

menu esteipad Deshacer el Autorelleno de Música en el iPad o iPhone

Undoubtedly, iTunes is one of the great puzzles for all people who buy an iPad or an iPhone for the first time, but you can really get a lot out of the program, you just need a little time and patience, patience.

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