Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Tablet could consume one third of mobile traffic by 2013

The tablet is becoming a growing part of the mobile content consumption. Devices like the iPad are a respectable 18% of mobile traffic by 2012. Later this year, the tablet is expected to reach about a third of all mobile traffic, cutting the current dominance of smartphones.

tim cook ipad 650x520 Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

The tablet could remove much of the consumption of mobile traffic to smartphones

According to the announcement of the mobile ad network Jumptap, the tablet will consume 29% of mobile traffic this year, reducing the percentage of content delivered to smartphones up to 70%, down 78% compared to 2012.

The increased use of the tablet seems more a factor of consumer preference than anything else.

While Jumptap says the tablet, with larger screens, will handle 29% of mobile traffic this year, as market researchers IDC and Gartner are reporting that the tablet will remain around 10% of total mobile handset sales , according to TechCrunch said Tuesday.

ventas tablet smartphones Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

In the race between iOS and Android, the two mobile platforms seem to be in full swing. According to Jumptap, Android is not expected to increase its market share and Apple probably will not reach Google, in terms of sales of smartphones.

But if we look at the data according to operating system, we would see that the race is more even:

datos sistemas operativos moviles 650x551 Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

While Android holds 70% of the sales of smartphones and iOS far behind with 20%, the use is an entirely different story: only 8% of Android iOS separates in measuring online usage is detected as Jumptap data.

aumento android jumptap Los Tablet Podrían Consumir un tercio del Tráfico Móvil de 2013

These data suggest that, although many more Android devices sold, a lot of these devices are not being used, while all iPhones sold are in use.

Although there are many manufacturers that sell Android, the action focuses on only one: Samsung. According to Jumptap study, currently the South Korean company represents 56% of Android traffic. However, later this year, more than 6 out of 10 connections will Android smartphone from Samsung.

Advertisers seeking to attract Android owners "must assume" that over 50% of their ads will appear on Samsung phones, "unless specifically target other devices," according to Jumptap notes.

What do you think of this data?

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