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The problem of involuntary purchases: a child spends 2,000 euros in the App Store

descargas niños El problema de las compras involuntarias: un niño gasta 2.000 euros en la App Store

The procurement system and password-checking the App Store keeps bringing headaches to both parents, as Apple. Parents, because they have to be aware that their children do not purchase content using stored credit card, and Apple, it has not yet come up with a system that is safe and comfortable for its users. Last week we saw how Apple reached a deal to avoid a long trial with one group of parents who sued the company for involuntary purchases that their children had done on the App Store.

Cases of these happen every week. For example, last Thursday the British press picked up the case of a five year old boy who had come to spend about 2,000 euros in a game for the iPad, quite involuntarily. It happened in the moment when the young man asked his parents permission to play for the title "Zombies vs. Ninjas "on the iPad. At first the father refused, but the young man kept insisting five years saying that "the game was free and so would be entertained while their parents were visited at home."

The father put his password in the App Store and downloaded the game. What I do not know is that this simple gesture could cost 2,000 euros when her son began to download additional game content without limit "thinking it was all free." Each packet that young had downloaded a cost of about 80 euros, according to the Daily Mail, and included more ammo and extras for the title 'vs Zombies. Ninjas'.

The next day the mother received 19 e-mails confirming all iTunes Store purchases, "e-mails to be so repetitive, I really did not give it any importance. Until the next day the bank called me to inform me that they had made charges on my card with very similar concepts, and the final sum exceeded 1,900 euros ". At that time parents contacted Apple to resolve the situation and the company has already guaranteed that they refund the full purchase price, "to see that there was a misunderstanding with the terms and conditions of the game."

Again, hopefully iOS July rid of this headache.

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Source- Daily Mail

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