Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The New iPad might appear next month and the iPhone 5S in August

The rumor mill never stops around Apple devices. A few days ago we told you that the next iPhone 5S could be presented with a cheaper model in August , today we bring you another source that matches the dates on which these two devices could be launched. Furthermore, it is also believed that the new generation of iPad, both the original and the mini, could be launched next April, that is, in just one month. Of course in the case of rumors we catch them with tweezers, but bear in mind that come from a very reliable source that has already successful in the past.

ipad5 ipadmini2 iphone5s Los Nuevos iPad Podrían Aparecer el Próximo Mes y el iPhone 5S en Agosto

Present a redesigned Apple iPad 9.7 inch and a mini iPad could not yet incorporate the Retina display

According to Rene Ritchie, editor of a popular web iMore, Apple would change again launch its tendency to place their two flagship products in a more evenly distributed throughout the year. Always remember that the iPhone was launched during the summer months and the iPad was reserved for February-March.

Rumors place the next generation of iPad for April, but Ritchie is prudent and not so sure that the new generation of iPad mini incorporate the Retina display. According to him, Apple will not be implemented if this sacrifice autonomy and cooling apparatus, something that happened with the iPad 3. Therefore, it is speculated that it could be just an update of performance and tuning over other tablets homonymous market. Other rumors place the Retina iPad Mini in October, leaving in April for a simple spec upgrade.

Also spoke of the iPad in May , here are more consistent rumors and supposed leaks past its exterior and covers for the device you reaffirm. The most significant change would be its complete redesign, after three generations intact, would inherit his younger brother the iPad Mini. Of course also include an update to your specifications with a new chip, some improvement in the camera and maybe with more RAM.

Finally and according to various sources suggest, the iPhone 5S would be presented in July but it was not until August when it became available to the public. The new iPhone would keep the same design as the 5 and would be renewed only on the inside, as it did with the iPhone 4S. Rumors indicate that it could mount a chip A7, twice as fast as the one included in the iPhone 5, and a camera that could reach 13 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash.

Other rumors also suggest that Apple could include a fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone home button, something that has been talked about for a couple of generations. Nor should we forget the news that Apple is looking for experts in anodized aluminum which would suggest that the next generation iPhone could be available in different colors.

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