Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Lightning AV adapter hides inside a minicomputer

adaptador lightning El adaptador Lightning AV esconde un miniordenador en su interior

Lightning seems that not everything good that Apple has not tried to sell, at least how I read it after learning of the research they have conducted Panic boys Blog about AV adapter with free Lightning priced at 49 euros.

In the App Store we can read that this accessory offers an HDMI output for enjoying video mirroring and derivatives with a resolution up to 1080P but is this true?

After a series of tests, people observed that after Panic Blog activate video mirroring, l to maximum output resolution was limited to 1600 × 900 pixels, falls far short of those 1080P Apple promises. However, if we connect the old AV adapter with 30-pin connection, the 1080P are achieved without problems after enabling Video Mirroring.

The second indication that something is wrong with the AV is the appearance of artifacts that significantly reduce the quality of the image, something that does not happen with the old AV adapter. What happens then with the accessory that incorporates the connection Lightning?

After opening, it has been found that the AV connection adapter Lightning incorporates an ARM processor with 256 MB RAM. Due to this, it is believed that the AV adapter is actually Lightning AirPlay minireceptor, hence limitations and considerable loss image quality.

Of course, this processor has its own operating system that is able to start in no time, hence there is a small lag until you get the screen image. This is to be followed theory research to really know how the AV adapter with free Lightning.

What is clear is that it works worse than his predecessor by not being able to achieve 1080P and offer lower image quality.

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Source - MacRumors

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