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The iWatch Correría iOS: Siri and New Possibilities in the Cloud

The iWatch is taking more force than usual, so some cyclical cataloged as a rumor is becoming a reality for many media. According to several reliable sources that echo the various media, a team of 100 people led by Jonathan Ive would be entrusting the future of Apple clock would go on sale later this year. One of the significant developments that indicate these sources is that the futuristic device would be a redesigned version of iOS, which if true, would open endless possibilities.

iWatch iOS El iWatch Correría iOS: Siri y Nuevas Posibilidades en la Nube

A remodeled iOS

According to accounts rumors, the iWatch would have the mobile operating system with which the other devices have the block, but it would not be like that of his older brothers. We imagine that being a small size screen completely redesign iOS seek to make the most of the light of the purpose of the device. He had also considered the possibility of working in the operating system with which account the current iPod Nano, but would have rejected this idea.

The big question is how we would manage Apple appears this redesigned version of iOS. Would you let developers access? Was there also an app store? No doubt Apple would implement its star services, such as Messaging, Facetime, Notes, Reminders, Notifications, Siri, and tighter integration with all services offered by iCloud.

iWatch and the cloud

If it fails to materialize iWatch and features integration with iCloud, Apple should consider improving the service. iCloud has millions of devices connected to your database and unfortunately the service is not as reliable and stable could wish. Apple has already announced that in the coming years will increase their data center to provide a greater return on their cloud, but for now, although it is a good service is not up to the quality level that is required to Apple.

The output of the market iWatch cause a huge increase in the number of users who subscribe to their services and if the rumors are correct, this would be before year end. So Apple still has time to update the capacity and stability of iCloud before the test.

iWatch Siri El iWatch Correría iOS: Siri y Nuevas Posibilidades en la Nube

Bringing Siri on wrist

One of the first things that spring to mind when we think of the iWatch is Siri. The possibility of using the Apple assistant anytime, anywhere and just bringing it to your mouth is one of the big reasons why Apple's clock would be useful. Imagine that we are driving and just to call the assistant that could do the job that we asked without taking the eyes off the road.

The presence having Siri in many iPad or iPhone is merely symbolic, probably because at the time we used to call and wait for a response from Siri, and could have done the action that we are asking. However, things change a watch. Things happen spontaneously and with Siri on our wrist we are sure that we would miss any.

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  1. The iWatch design looks elegant, it is something that you can wear even in formal occasions. Another gadget to look forward to before the year ends. read more