Friday, March 1, 2013

The iPhone 5S and "Cheap iPhone" could reach the market in August

For a long time we hear rumors that Apple could ship a cheaper version of iPhone. The reasoning of these rumors is that Apple is losing market share in the phone world and launch a "cheap iPhone" may help you recover some of the lost market share and enter fully into the market for mid-range or low .

Apple has denied on more than one occasion that this is true and ensure that they do not seek to create a product cheap or expensive, but looking to create the best possible product and after that study the price at which they can sell it.

iphone barato El iPhone 5S y el iPhone Barato PodrĂ­an Llegar al Mercado en Agosto

A Chinese source said that Apple is working on an iPhone 5S and a "cheap iPhone"

This time the rumors come directly from the Chinese site EMSOne and say the information comes from Barclays Capital analysts. According to the publication, Apple is preparing to produce its "cheap iPhone" and claim that Foxconn and Pegatron are orders of mass production of the device, regular partners mark the bitten apple.

The publication says that the cheaper iPhone would sell for about $ 330 in a completely free, ie almost half the cost of the iPhone 5 now. To lower manufacturing costs would be a simpler phone and housing would be polycarbonate, the same material used in the Apple MacBook and discontinued.

On the other hand, the source also said that the iPhone 5S hit the market while the cheaper model. On the next generation iPhone will say that a new Qualcomm LTE chipset that will support all LTE networks currently operating in the world (40 different bands), including China Mobile (the largest mobile operator in the world with nearly 700 million customers) and the current terminal does not support. This makes sense, because Apple could reach an agreement with the Chinese operator and get a major increase its market share in China, a country where the Cupertino company is getting very good results in recent years.

Also, ensure that both devices will make their appearance on the market sometime in August. Is it true this time? Will Apple preparing a "cheap iPhone"? I do not really believe, but never good ahead of the curve, as Apple could surprise us with something, although it certainly will not be a "cheap smarpthone more" that's for sure.

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