Sunday, March 3, 2013

The iPad is difficult to repair, but suffers few faults

The latest survey by the people of iFixit, this great team once insurance has helped us in trying to debunk some of our devices, has made a classification of the most popular tablets on the ease to be repaired. If we take some time in the world of Apple and its products, we know that the iPad can not have been very high on this classification. And so it proved.

ipad desmontado El iPad es Difícil de Reparar, pero Sufre Pocas Averias

The iPad takes the last of the list because of its difficulty for possible repairs

While devices like the Dell XPS 10 and the Amazon Kindle Fire are leading the list for its ease of repair and opening the device, the Apple iPad occupy the last posts of this, with the new iPad mini as worse off device apple. Note that although the iPad is far down on the list, is the worst position for Microsoft Surface Pro.

The major problems is to repair iFixit iPad is the large amount of glue used to fix all internal components, making it difficult enormously user level repair. It also highlights the complexity presented change key components of the device. These problems are also present in the tablet that ranks last in the standings, the Surface Pro

We see the original iPad separately from other generations of the Apple tablet. This is because the technique does not use the glass melt with the LCD panel, which allows a much simpler opening. Subsequent models were criticized for using such a technique, which entailed a high risk of breaking the glass of the screen during the process of unpacking The only downside to it is attributed the difficulty to access the battery and its substitution.

Here we show the full list:

clasifiacion tablets1 El iPad es Difícil de Reparar, pero Sufre Pocas Averias

IFixit factors taking into account that when the tablet rate are, among others, the cost of such repairs, ease of disassembly and if there is to do so manually. IFixit Note that only focuses on the device and ignores reparability concerning the reliability of the engineering used or environmental requirements.

Remember that Apple has always been very reluctant to third parties to access their products, either via software or via hardware. Over the years we have seen how Apple has been gradually hindering access into their products through new forms of welding or special screws. At the moment of truth, the average user will always use the warranty service if your device fails, therefore, this classification is especially useful for those who like to tinker with your device and have the means and knowledge.

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