Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 5S Starts Production at Foxconn iPhone [Rumor]

Some rumors fresh from the far east say that Foxconn, Apple's manufacturing partner, has already begun production of the iPhone 5S, the next generation smartphone from Apple that, reportedly, will be built on the same line as the current iPhone 5 .

iPhone 5S Foxconn La Producción del iPhone 5S Comienza en Foxconn [Rumor]

Citing a source familiar with the matter, the Japanese blog Macotakara reported that Foxconn is starting to increase production of the successor to the iPhone 5. The site noted that due to the design of the iPhone 5S is substantially the same as the current iPhone 5, little or no change is required to manufacture two models on the same production lines.

According to the iPhone 5S Macotakara goes into production

In a note sent to investors in January, analyst Peter Misek, of Jefferies, estimated that the production of the next generation iPhone would begin in March, with a launch planned for June or July. He also said that Apple will launch one second smartphone besides the iPhone 5S , possibly the rumored low cost version aimed at developing markets.

Macotakara also said NTT DoCoMo, Japanese supplier of mobile telecommunications services, which is not yet a member of Apple apparently has reduced its orders for Android-based smartphones for next fall 2013. This has led companies to speculation that DoCoMo rivals may soon start selling the iPhone.

The buzz surrounding the launch of the next generation of Apple's smartphones have become very interesting since the two reports appeared Monday marked a likely summer launch for the iPhone 5S. The exact dates are not stated, but predictions talk about the possibility that the new iPhone will present in June and is released in August.

As in previous versions "S" of the iPhone, the next model is not expected to come up with a radical design, but with updated internal components. While it is considered certain to bring a new SoC faster, some rumors point to an improved camera lens and the possible implementation of a smart flash using white and yellow LEDs to improve the interpretation of color in the image.

What do you think? How do you think that will be the new iPhone 5S?

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