Friday, March 1, 2013

Samsung Hires judge ruled in favor of them in England

It is certainly well stirred the issue of patents, lawsuits and claims Apple and Samsung enters. Today comes a very interesting news, apparently the English judge who handled the case of one of the many allegations that the two companies are made by courts around the world, has come to enter the Korean multinational payroll. The subject of the case and the ruling judge ruled against Apple in England is a certain Sir Robin Jacob. Recall that the Cupertino forced to publish an apology in the media and on its website in which claimed that Samsung did not copy or infringe any of Apple's patents.

iPad galaxytab Samsung Contrata al Juez que Falló a Favor de ellos en Inglaterra

The judge who sentenced Apple in England, now works as a legal consultant for Samsung

The judge hung the robe in 2011 curiously almost parallel to the resolution of the controversial trial, it is at least suspect. Now, thanks to a dossier has appeared in the ITC investigation being carried out by a series of conflicts that Samsung has with the Swedish telephone operator, Ericsson, we could find out that Jacob is on the list of people who are taking the case. Does the role within the company? Apparently serves as consultant and advisor to Samsung within legal matter, a kind of legal counsel.

Although Jacob is doing nothing that is not permitted by English law (not so in other countries), it is quite arguable that into work for the company just four months after the resolution of the case between the two companies. Remember that the judge's verdict went around the world for the hardness which went to Apple, accusing them of "lack of integrity" by the arguments and data that had defended throughout the trial.

listaempleados samsung Samsung Contrata al Juez que Falló a Favor de ellos en Inglaterra

Case also was sounded and how Apple complied. The resolution required them to post a message on a site visible on their website and in the media to say that Samsung had copied Apple. At first, Apple gave some vent to their imagination and publish something like "Samsung tablets are not as Cool as Apple," meaning they could not be mistaken for the same reason. Finally, the court forced them to withdraw their "free translation" of the sentence and write a clear and concise manner commensurate with the ruled.

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