Friday, March 1, 2013

Rovio launch the game from the movie 'The Croods'

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The DreamWorks movie studio was filled with successful marketing strategy for his next film, 'The Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure, "which will be released on March 22 in theaters around the world. DreamWorks has relied on Rovio (creator of the hit series 'Angry Birds') to develop the game from the animated film.

In this way, ensures that DreamWorks has a renowned studio to create a game that will live up to expectations and Rovio also takes part of the profit pie. Undoubtedly, the fact that DreamWorks has partnered with Rovio will also generate a good income to the producer on the App Store.

The game will contain an exclusive video that will be shown in the film. At the moment we do not know how the gameplay will be the new title of Rovio, but their press release gives us a clue: "the game will be developed around the idea". This suggests that 'The Croods' is assimilated more to "Amazing Alex" or "Bad Piggies", which includes elements of strategy.

'The Croods' not released in the App Store until March 14, a week before the film is released. The title will also be available for Android devices.

More information- drawings 'Angry Birds' and have release date: March 16

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