Monday, March 4, 2013

How to disable in-app purchases on the iPad

A few days ago we reported on a curious incident of In-App purchases in which a child had spent five years in just 10 minutes a whopping $ 2,500 through this method, today we bring the remedy to avoid this we can pass us the smallest of the house in case of sharing iPad.

The application called "fremium", those that we offer free of charge with the possibility (and almost mandatory) to be able to buy extras to enjoy more of the game experience, have become a problem. The abuse of these methods requires us to take great care in what we do within the application to avoid pushing in a bad place and take a nasty surprise in our iTunes account. This tutorial is especially useful for those who share the family iPad so you can stop worrying about all those hands too "innocent".

Disabling the option of being able to shop in our In-App iPad

  1. The first thing to do is go to the "Settings" menu and within this to the "General" tab.
    menu general ipad Cómo desactivar las compras In App en el iPad
  2. Once inside this see different options, which interests us is the one that says "Restrictions" which by default is disabled.
  3. Upon entering we click on "Enable Restrictions" and prompts you to enter a password twice. Remember it well because the will need to disable restrictions someday.
    contraseña restricciones ipad Cómo desactivar las compras In App en el iPad
  4. Once entered, you will see a switch activated where it says "stop shopping", we disable it with this that you can not get a payment from any application.
    menu restricciones ipad Cómo desactivar las compras In App en el iPad

If we want to allow in-app purchases because we bought on occasion, but keep people from accidentally do it for us, we also have another option. We follow all the steps above and enter the menu of restrictions on the "Request Password". Here we will see how is checked by default the "15 minutes", change it to "immediately". From now on our iPad prompts you to enter the password whenever we go to make a payment, regardless of whether we have performed some minutes before.

solicitar contrasena ipad Cómo desactivar las compras In App en el iPad

If you are of those who share the iPad, it is interesting to take a look at all the possibilities offered by the menu "Restrictions". It can set almost any parameter of the security and privacy of our iPad, from installing applications to restrict the power to limit the use of the camera.

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