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Find expert Anodized Apple Next Generation iPhone

In recent months we have heard many rumors that the next generation Apple iPhone will be available in different sizes and will launch a version of "low-cost" of your smartphone. In addition, one of the strongest rumors are pasting is that the Cupertino company could be planning to launch the iPhone 5S in different colors, not just white or black as has happened so far.

Perhaps the main driver of this latest rumor was that Apple launched the current range of iPod touch in various different colors and from there have been rumors all around this trend.

iphone 5s colores Apple Busca Experto en Anodizados para la Próxima Generación de iPhone

Apple is looking for an engineer in anodized to help the next generation of iPhone

Now a job offer published on the official website of Apple fires again this rumor. In the labor supply, Apple says it is looking for an engineer with experience in anodizing processes to "help create the next generation of the best electronic devices in the world." The offer goes on to describe, in part, the workplace. The selected individual work on new techniques aluminum anodizing process and additional techniques like surface finish by blasting, polishing, PVD or physical vapor deposition.

Of course nothing is confirmed that Apple will actually release an iPhone 5S in different colors, although some very reputable analysts such as Peter Misek and Brian White have supported this theory and believe that the next Apple smartphone would be available in a similar color the current iPod touch, ie: black, gray, yellow, blue, pink, red and even the iPod touch is not available in this color presumably also white.

As we said there is no confirmation that Apple will do something really well, but to become a reality it would not be unreasonable to think that the company could use the technology to develop for the iPhone 5S and do the same with the next generation of iPad and mini iPad Do not you think? I really interested in these devices were available in different colors?

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