Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cook Meets with Iovine to Talk Music Service

Jimmy Iovine, music producer and CEO of Beats Audio, allegedly met with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the head of the company's multimedia services, Eddy Cue, to maintain a "broad discussion" on the music industry and other issues related to it, including the "Project Daisy" from Iovine, music service that supposedly offered while the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The meeting has discussed plans for a supposed Apple music subscription service of high quality.

beats logo Cook se Reúne con Iovine para Hablar del Servicio de Música

The proposed subscription music Iovine, called "Project Daisy", would fit with Apple's plans

The iPad maker has reportedly been planning some kind of subscription service for iTunes streaming, and is said to be in talks with record labels to get the rights necessary for such a project. Originally considered a "Pandora", the streaming radio service that intelligently observed what listeners wanted and launched a custom schedule, but so far no confirmed details of this service is to follow this course.

Iovine, meanwhile, has been pursuing a similar idea which has been called "Project Daisy", as he describes it, is a more "mature" online radio station, designed to compete with existing streaming services as Spotify and Rdio, but with an intelligent user interaction, rather than simply presenting a large music library music streaming. Iovine is the boss of Universal Music Group, one of the three major labels in the world, and therefore already has access to a lot of music, so missing only make deals with independent labels and the other two, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group.

Iovine and Jobs, who became friends when Apple entered the music business with iTunes, they had already talked about this type of subscription service before. Some time ago we told you as Iovine said in an interview with AllThingsD, that Jobs was interested in the proposal, but felt that the demands of the record companies were too high and that Apple, in time, would have enough clout to negotiate rates to an acceptable level.

It may be time. Rumors that Apple intends to add some kind of subscription music service to iTunes in the air for months and certainly Iovine is in this project as a consultant or even as an architect who could help the company to better licensing agreements or new content.

Subscription services most current music, though often referred to as "the second best" source of income behind digital download sales, usually pay very little in royalties to the artist, much less that such firms "radio streaming ". Record companies particularly value the exposure to specific demographics and believe that these services help stimulate sales of digital and physical music (which have increased slightly for the first time in many years this year). The royalties for the media, such as radio stations and online common, have increased again this year.

The artists, however, tend to have a low opinion of subscription services, feeling underpaid for their contribution and sometimes withholding permission to use their music. The percentage of money that goes directly to the artist seem to have subsided somewhat, although ironically the Apple iTunes Match service is often cited as the best treatment from the perspective of the artists.

Iovine said during his talk to AllThingsD that Cue was due to meet in the future. According to reports of the meeting, Cook and Cue expressed interest in the ideas of Iovine and the possibility of future plans, but did not get (or want to reach) to no formal agreement, according to AppleInsider. It is speculated that Apple could launch its music sevice later this year if it succeeds in obtaining the permits needed to distribute music content.

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