Saturday, March 2, 2013

Child Spends $ 2,500 In-App Purchases in just 10 minutes

In-App Purchases, that great scourge that is infecting most games coming out to the App Store, hide under the name of "free" and the symptoms are a clear degeneration of the gaming experience. We do not know how many games have become the fashion for In-App Purchase, no further than the last game and acclaimed Real Racing 3 has adopted this method, now the game is free but surely we have to allow ourselves to really advance much in it than if we had paid.

Most games "free" for quite some time ceased to be. The game developers give us a gelding in which we must arm ourselves with patience and time, long time, if we want to advance in the game for free.

compras inapp Niño Gasta 2.500$ en Compras In App en solo 10 Minutos

A child of five spent $ 2,500 in just 10 minutes after having asked his father password

Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of the facility to make a purchase in-app and is the younger audience that is more vulnerable in these cases. Danny, a 5 year old boy who loves his iPad, asked his father to enter iTunes password where the game was asking. Innocently, the father agreed and the surprise came the next day when he received a charge on your card valued at $ 2,500. Her little concerned had spent 10 minutes a whopping $ 2,500, because apparently selected the more expensive packs, those who reach $ 105.

Danny was very sorry when his parents made him understand what he had just done. Of course, here the responsibility falls squarely on them and not on a 5 years. They should have had at least a little careful about what Apps is playing his son and asked what purpose the iTunes password.

Fortunately for the small family, Apple has agreed to return all the money spent on an "accidental". We are sure this will be the slap on parents who will now be much more concerned about the applications "free" to which his son plays.

 Niño Gasta 2.500$ en Compras In App en solo 10 Minutos

You really have to consider the business model to which applications are moving, looking only to cover the widest possible audience under the label of "free" to get a bigger slice through the unwary or as in the case of Danny , of the smallest of the house.

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