Sunday, March 3, 2013

Changes the search engine Siri uses default

siri 2 Cambia el motor de búsqueda que utiliza Siri por defecto

As happens with Safari, Siri uses Google as default search engine. You have noticed on more than one occasion and that is when Siri is compromised or know what we have said, uses an Internet search to get by.

Google might not like at all or prefer to use another search engine on our iOS device so in this post you will find the steps to carry it out. To some of you may be familiar to you as they are exactly the same as to change the default search engine in Safari:

  • Enter the Settings menu.
  • Down until you find the option to Safari and access it.
  • Pressed in paragraph Finder and select one of the three options available, choosing from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Now whenever you perform an Internet search through Siri, is used we have selected in the previous steps.

siri 1 Cambia el motor de búsqueda que utiliza Siri por defecto

Is this the only way Siri change the default search engine? I really do not. Always can initiate a request as follows:

  • Yahoo Search ...
  • Search on Google ...
  • Search on Google ...

And depending on the search engine said, Siri will be true regardless of our orders that we have set by default. Remember that it is very important to mention any of the three available options and not take into account any other request that is not listed in any of the three candidates to search on iOS.

Another simple trick for iOS that may have gone unnoticed for more than one of you.

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