Monday, March 4, 2013

Buddy: a SmartWatch capable of displaying the GPS instructions

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Again, fundraising platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo in this case, serve to provide a smart watch (SmartWatch) which are so fashionable lately. This time we bring you the project that is interesting: it's 'Buddy', a watch that may offer 10 days of battery, or even two weeks of autonomy if we leave it in standby. Buddy uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to produce less battery drain and quickly connect our iPhones. This also works with mobile SmartWatch Android and Windows Phone.

The smart watch, while providing the time on your screen, you can display the call log (besides making and receiving calls), allows us to quickly read the incoming emails and text messages received, check the calendar , review timelines of Facebook and Twitter, view images that we have stored in the iPhone, listen to our music and even display the navigation that we are giving our device through GPS.

While the design is not particularly striking, yes we can note that the interface seems to be more clean than other competitors in the market, as I'm Watch, clock which is sometimes difficult to navigate.

Buddy has 8GB of flash memory, has a thickness of 8 mm and has a 2-inch screen. Its creators aim to achieve $ 320,000 in 27 days to carry out their project.

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Source- IndieGoGo

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