Friday, March 1, 2013

Autonomous car prototype iPad Controlled

Every so often appear new uses for our iPad completely unknown to us, that surprise us and add more functionality to our device. Surely many you will have dreamed of the new feature we bring you today. Who would not want to control your car with your own iPad? Of course this experiment is in its first phase and still be long until we see it implemented in any of our cars, but it's not bad to making an idea of ​​what could be.

ipad cocheautomatizado Prototipo de Coche Autónomo Controlado por iPad

The car integrates an iPad along with various devices that allow fully automated driving

Apparently a team from the prestigious University of Oxford is working on an autonomous car, namely a Nissan Leaf, which can be controlled via an iPad. The incredible advances in robotics in recent years have allowed us to integrate an iPad into the dashboard of the car that allows the driver the option that fully automatically scroll through some stretches of the journey. Of course the iPad does not lead just as magically, the car has a series cameras, lasers and GPS systems that integrate with the iDevice, allowing a perfect environment recognition. Moreover, in case something goes wrong, a simple tap on the brake pedal the car will return control to the user.

In the video we show below you can see how integrated the iPad into the car with technology that account so we can put the car in "hands-free", all controlled in a closed loop:

In this one can see how the system boot through the iPad:

The project aims at a price that may be affordable for most of the population, but the technology currently being used in the prototype costs about $ 7,500. However, the objective pursued in the long term is to leave the entire system in about 100 pounds, as the teacher tells Engineering Department, Paul Newman:

"The solutions of low cost and low power consumption that we are developing is all that is needed for everyday use."

Initiatives like this are welcome, especially because they start from an everyday object, such as the iPad, to be implemented in an area that we can solve many ballots. For now it is only a dream, but I have no doubt that within a few years initiatives like this will find themselves one step closer to reality.

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