Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apple, Retrieving Lost Magic

Today I could not help me invade the nostalgia, the nostalgia of the good things, only, of you go once in life. This has been because I have been looking through YouTube with the launch of the first iPad in 2010, this has appeared before me, as if by magic, as if asking to see her screams. The first iPad, the birth of the tablet understood as such, simplifying a concept taken to the extreme and probably the most intuitive device ever built. A punished and Steve Jobs showed us his goodness sitting on a sofa, was a daily occurrence, something intimate.

Apple logo Apple, Recuperando la Magia Perdida

Helplessly and nostalgia and unleashed, I sought the introduction of the iPhone, "an iPod, a phone and a revolutionary communications device." Funny, none of those present that day knew what that thing was about to cause, meant the birth of a new technological era in which technology would become the most widespread form of entertainment.

Great moment one where Steve Jobs pulled his iPod out of his pocket. "We have brought 1,000 songs," he said. It was the popularizer of the default music pocket and addressed to the entire music industry into the digital consumer. Something white, very white, as were their helmets. Who knew that years later these same white helmets fill trains, buses, anywhere in the world.

Why 1984 was not like 1984? He had reached the Macintosh, the beginning, the first great work of Apple, one that contained enough force to turn the tide of the entire computer industry forever. With it all started, a series of revolutions and magic that year who turns 30 years.

Surely many of you are wondering why this whole time travel. Lately there is much talk of whether Apple has lost the magic, that capacity for innovation that kept them one step ahead of others. The truth is we can not deny that this is false, if they have not completely lost this innovation, yes I have done partially. Apple knows this, users know, even know competition.

Nor should we forget that revolutions take time, without going any further from the Macintosh to the next great revolution, the iPod, were over 15 years. But we should not take that as making reference, the means by which they have today and the speed with which advances the wider world are not those of the time. So I think that something big is about to come, something that makes us remove the blindfold, the revolution of everyday life as much Apple likes.

There is talk of iTV, speaking of iWatch, the fact is that it is completely unpredictable the next step for the block, but we have some insurance, it will be something big, something that nobody can overlook something at him many years later perspective makes us say, "It was amazing!".

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