Monday, March 4, 2013

Apple could update the content on the computer AV Cable Lightning

adaptador lightning Apple podría actualizar el ordenador contenido en el cable AV Lightning

The weekend we published a post in which we told that the Lightning AV adapter conceals a small computer inside that is responsible for processing the data it receives from the iOS device, making l to video output does not reach native 1080P and there is a loss of image quality over the same remarkable accessory but with 30-pin connection.

Panic Blog People who discovered this secret and failing to investigate more about the true workings of the adapter, initially spoke with said computer processor and 256MB RAM ARM acted as an AirPlay receiver, which seems to have denied one of engineers 'anonymous' working at Apple.

Actually, the AirPlay wireless protocol is not present when we connect the AV adapter. What is done, is to use the H.264 codec to encode the image and then all that information is transmitted through the connector Lightning iOS device. Then the ARM processor contained in the AV adapter is responsible for processing and decode this information to take to the HDMI output.

Like any other iOS device, this adapter hides a firmware that manages the accessory operation. This firmware can be updated through an update to iOS, meaning that Apple could improve the quality of the video output in a next version of its mobile operating system.

Clearly, the work behind this AV connector is not bad but for the moment, is a clear step back from its predecessor. Do not have a native 1080P 5/iPad iPhone 4 that yes you can get with an iPhone 4S/iPad3 not put in a very good place to Lightning against the "old fashioned" 30-pin connector.

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Source - 9to5Mac

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