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Apple Censorship received emails iCloud Accounts

It seems that Apple has reopened a debate that for many was half forgotten. A long time ago, Apple surprised rejecting some applications from the App Store for "facilitate" access to pornography or simply erotic. More recently the company also put problems to general applications as 500px, Instagram or Vine, as users could find videos or pictures of naked without being pornographic.

This struggle against what seems immoral Apple seems quite absurd (especially considering that Safari is the ultimate application to access porn or erotic content from an iPhone or iPad), but it has now come to an end too radical and could cost Apple well over a major scare.

correo icloud Apple Censura los Correos Electrónicos Recibidos en Cuentas de iCloud

Apple tries to block the receipt of emails with pornographic or erotic content in iCloud mailboxes

Users who use the free email iCloud have seen many of the messages they receive go straight to the spam folder by Apple consider inappropriate. Really these emails are not spam, but include certain words that Apple has considered inappropriate and automatically sent to the Junk mailbox any email that includes them.

Terms like "Barely Legal" are rapidly frames as spam to try that the user does not see them, although a widely used term in the U.S. without explicitly referring to the world of pornography or erotic content. True, many spam messages using porn as a lure for users to access the links included, so it is possible that this was a mistake configuring spam filters by Apple, but considering the history of the company does not seem very likely.

Since then, Apple has a serious problem if they want to continue to control the type of content that users can or can not consume from their devices. The user should be free to access any content, whether erotic, pornographic, violent or any other genre. To try to stop the distribution of illegal content are other government-backed agencies of different countries.

Hopefully Apple realizes that he can not fight against something and that somehow using these techniques is not doing more to tarnish his image.

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