Monday, March 4, 2013

Adapter HDMI AV-Lightning to Hide a Small Computer

Anyone who buys an Apple device expected to be able to do all the things that advertising or his friends told him that he could do and as a rule the device is capable of doing. Many people do not want to know how he is able to do certain things devices simply interested to do no more.

Apple is specialists in this kind of thing and as a rule their devices are capable of doing things that promise without any problem. Generally the devices are able to fulfill all the tasks that are supposed able to do without any accessory, but in some cases it is necessary, such as stream video to a TV via HDMI from an iPad or iPhone.

conector ordenador El Adaptador Lightning a AV HDMI Esconde un Pequeño Ordenador

This requires an adapter to Lightning AV-HDMI, an adapter that takes little time to market, but that has already been discovered hidden inside a surprise, a pleasant surprise. The adapter has just hit the stores, and comes to replace the 30-pin connector to inner-HDMI AV. Outwardly they look identical, with the only difference of having in one end with the connector Lightning, but inside hides a secret rather curious and interesting.

Lightning to the new HDMI adapter includes a computer at one end

Specifically, the new connector hides a number of circuits and chips that have never before been seen in an Apple connector. According to some experts have been told, this circuitry hides an ARM processor and 256MB of RAM. These components run a small operating system and could be causing the slight delay suffered by content running on a iPad or iPhone and played through this cable on an external television.

Currently there is very clear why the cable has this kind of computer at one end, although there are some theories as it is necessary as the Lightning connector can not stream video without compression and therefore the processor and it is responsible for memory locally on the connector just before entry into the television.

Another theory is that these chips help slow devices to stream video without problem while load lightens own processor and memory of the iPad or iPhone is connected to the Lightning adapted to AV-HDMI.

Curiously, Apple has had to integrate some sort of computer in this type of connector. Presumably Apple would do to keep things running smoothly and that we as users have no problem in using this feature of the devices.

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