Friday, February 8, 2013

Wozniak believes that "Apple is falling behind"

steve wozniak Wozniak considera que Apple se está quedando atrás

Steve Wozniak, who was one of the co-founders of Apple, never hesitate to respond with complete sincerity to the questions referred to it by any journalist or user of smartphones. During an interview with a German media yesterday, Wozniak gave his opinion about the current state of Apple over its competitors.

Wozniak believes the company continues to manufacture quality products, but "it's starting to fall behind." In addition, Wozniak noted that currently "there are other competitors like Samsung beginning to gain ground with good products." So Wozniak joins the general thought that Apple does not innovate, but does so through constructive criticism:

"I am proud that we as faithful followers. But this loyalty does not come from nowhere: the need for the best products is always there. In my opinion, I think now we have fallen somewhat behind on some things related to the smartphone market. Others already have values. Samsung is a great competitor, but that is precisely because it is making great products. "

Moreover, Wozniak again confessed his passion for new product launches from Apple:

"Yes, you could book the product by phone or call any store manager and book me one of the devices. But this is like a concert, you have to live in tents and I prefer to queue to be part of history. "

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Source- MacRumors

Article Wozniak believes that "Apple is falling behind" was originally published in News iPhone .

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