Monday, February 25, 2013

Why I like Apple?

Today I woke up every morning and as I looked at the time on my iPhone. It was early, so I could still continue lazing in bed a little longer, and I started thinking. What is it about the iPhone with no others? Why have I chosen the iPad rather than any other tablet? What I discovered that the Mac was my best option?

imessage mac os x messages app ipad mac iphone ¿Por Qué me Gusta Apple?

It is not easy to answer these questions, it involves an exercise of internal retrospection on what motivates us to do, what we love, what things we value in our lives. Surely our first point in common is our passion for technology. We like to get in touch with her, learn new things from it, but how we conceive of technology?

When you have an iPhone in hand feel is much more than a phone, when you look at your favorite photo album on your iPad feel that there is just one more tablet in a market saturated with them, is an intimate experience, are a sensations, is a humanity beyond the glass and aluminum, is probably the best experience I've ever had with technology. I kept thinking about it and came to assault me ​​question why Apple? Why not the brand new Android from my friend?

Surely our motive connect with the above, we like to feel the technology in a particular way, to know that we who control the machine, see our iPad or iPhone answers all our orders, as would a good friend. This link along so ingrained that we follow all the block and we were thrilled with it, is something that perpetuates over time. We care about the data on the role, value experience above all, we value quality above any core value simplicity more and understood as the ultimate sophistication.

Belonging to a sect?? No, but a group, itself a community of people who share common points

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Among all these ramblings was already almost time to get up, but I remembered one last thing, what does it mean for me to be Apple? Despite all the people who criticize us and qualifies us as sectarian, that is absolutely not my perception. Belonging to a sect?? No, but a group, itself a community of people who share common points, we understand technology and just as we value what others may not provide value. This great community is precisely the richness of being Apple, we are like strangers who know each lifetime.

Finally I got up. Today would be a good day.

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