Saturday, February 16, 2013

What is and how the way "Do Not Disturb" iOS 6

Mode "Do Not Disturb" was featured as one of the innovations that come to our iOS devices 6. However, to be a feature not known to all, we will try to explain its operation and configuration.

For those who do not know, this feature will allow us to "mute" (sound and vibration) our device, to avoid receiving any notification for a specific time or a specific time, for example at night or in a meeting . Here is a brief review of its operation.

How does it work?

In the Settings menu you can activate this new mode. While the iPhone or iPad is locked, notifications and calls are silenced (alarms, on the other hand, will continue to sound). If the device is unlocked notifications and calls ring despite being active mode "Do Not Disturb".


What are your options?

To configure access must: Settings> Notifications> Do Not Disturb , With the following options:

  • Programming start as "Do Not Disturb", setting a period of time when we do not want to be bothered (start time and end time). In case of not using the automatic programming, we can activate and deactivate it manually from Settings / DND .
  • Allow mode calls while "Do Not Disturb" is active . You can allow calls from all contacts, none of the favorites or a particular group.
  • Allow repeated calls. If a number of phone calls several times (although we have disabled "Allow calls") in less than three minutes will sound the call.


Besides all this, and although it does not correspond exactly to the Do Not Disturb mode, thanks to a new interface when receiving calls (sliding the phone icon up on the incoming call screen), and may reject a call answering with SMS (or iMessage) telling our partner that we can not talk at the time or just making the phone call reminded later.

These messages can be configured from default : Settings> Phone> Reply with message.


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