Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wallet, the new Samsung service like Passbook

samsung wallet Wallet, el nuevo servicio de Samsung similar a Passbook

Not the first time that Samsung faces competition (in this case Apple) Lookalike launching products to existing ones.

One of the main new features of iOS 6 wine Passbook hand, an application that comes installed with the operating system to store and boarding cards, customer cards, coupons or tickets to events. Its main advantage lies in user avoid having to carry all these documents printed, with the risk that we would leave at home or mistake portfolio. already are a few companies that offer their customers the possibility to use Passbook so yes it is an application that is having some host.

Now comes the turn of Samsung that during a conference for developers in the Mobile World Congress, presented a clone of the application whose name will Passbook Wallet. The utility is exactly the same as that offered by Apple and its interface also bears some similarity.

For now, Wallet is only available for developers and Samsung phones will reach users "soon." Perhaps the launch of the S4 Galaxy next month is a good time to do so.

Guys do you think, is it leering Samsung products and services Apple to launch them the same but for their devices?

More information - Starbucks and supports Passbook
Source - Cult Of Android

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