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Tried the runtastic pulsómetro Smart Combo Bluetooth 4.0

smart combo 1 Probamos el pulsómetro Smart Combo de Runtastic con Bluetooth 4.0

Ever since I mentioned in iPhone News I like to go out much and bike training computer it seems like a necessary addition to keep track of the proper functioning of the heart. It is also essential to focus our training to aerobic or anaerobic zone according to our interests.

For years I had a Polar heart rate monitor but for about a year now, the heart rate monitor function has stopped working properly but the other features are the same as always. Since the iPhone has great applications for sports, has integrated GPS receiver and features Bluetooth 4.0 technology, I decided to turn it into my new heart rate through the chest strap runtastic Smart Combo.

What scared me most was having excessive consumption of battery in the iPhone. I'm usually move much in the bush and sometimes so I only risk running out of power is quite dangerous, especially if you suffer an accident. Fortunately, then I will show that the battery consumption using this breast band and GPS function, very little and covers the vast majority of sports sessions.

First Impressions and Setup

smart combo 2 Probamos el pulsómetro Smart Combo de Runtastic con Bluetooth 4.0

The chest strap Smart Combo runtastic is packaged in a cardboard box of small size where we can read the key features and compatible phones.

Keep in mind two things when buying this band. The first is that we need a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. In the case of the iPhone, only the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 features that protocol whose main advantage is the reduction of the battery consumption to minimum.

We also have the ability to use devices capable of working in the band of 5.3 kHz. There are many fitness machines that work at that frequency and heart rate monitors are also other brands able to receive the data sent by the chest band. For my Polar CS400, no luck since they have a coding system to avoid interference is not using the Smart Combo runtastic.

smart combo 3 Probamos el pulsómetro Smart Combo de Runtastic con Bluetooth 4.0

Once you extract the band, we see that its dimensions are very small to interfere as little as possible while practicing sport. The feel of the film is very kind to the skin and its length is adjustable depending on our chest contour. It is important that the ribbon is securely attached to the chest to prevent a fall while practicing sport and without being too tight.

Before logging sports, it is important to wet the inside of the band area in which the electrodes are located. This will facilitate obtaining the pulse from the first minute of exercise without sweating. We may also use electrode gel or similar products. Then insert the Smart Combo issuer in the brackets and ready.

The next step is to enable Bluetooth on your iPhone and go to the tab of any application that enables logging runtastic heart rate (within the setup menu of the app). Select the option Bluetooth Smart and the band will be recognized automatically.

Accuracy and performance

smart combo4 Probamos el pulsómetro Smart Combo de Runtastic con Bluetooth 4.0

The heart rate monitors offer a clinical certified accurate and reliable measure of our keystrokes so I decided to try the Smart Combo with one of these devices. Measurement coincided in both heart rate monitors, offering higher the refresh rate of runtastic (ideal for practicing sport).

Proven its good performance, I grab my bike and I take a small path with a bit of everything: ups, downs and llanea areas. To monitor the route use the application and active runtastic PRO GPS function to record the route.

I left home with 100% battery and after 2 hours and 17 minutes' drive, the iPhone had 80%. I made a couple of pictures and I got the odd Whatsapp. If this rate is maintained, we could do very long routes without worrying about autonomy. This data was obtained by the iPhone 5 screen off so if we take the iPhone on the handlebars with the screen on, consumption will rise quite another.

runtastic pro Probamos el pulsómetro Smart Combo de Runtastic con Bluetooth 4.0

Applying runtastic PRO offers a savings mode that captures GPS data less often, but reducing consumption by recording the route to be less vague values.

All graphs allow a breakdown of information at each point, something very important. We can add to a specific area and watch the pulse changes, altitude or speed further.


 Probamos el pulsómetro Smart Combo de Runtastic con Bluetooth 4.0

No doubt this is a perfect accessory for athletes looking for a heart rate monitor to monitor your heart rate. Band runtastic Smart Combo costs only 80 euros, offers Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, supports 5.3 kHz frequency and also has a software and an online platform to see our sports sessions is complete frankly.

From now on, runtastic software will become responsible for managing all my sports sessions as it has proven to provide quality products, reliable, cross-platform compatible and valid for all disciplines.

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