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Tried the Olloclip for iPhone 5

olloclip 1 Probamos el Olloclip para el iPhone 5

The Olloclip is one of those accessories that once you try it, you can not be without it. This is a product that combines in one piece, three different lenses to make the most of the capabilities of the iPhone's camera.

My partner Gonzalo and I talked about the version that exists for the iPhone 4/4S but what are the differences between this edition and existing for the iPhone 5? A level no lenses in design but as the camera iPhone 4/4S not in the same position as the iPhone 5, in addition, do not obviate the difference in thicknesses between 5 and terminals iPhone above.

Olloclip for iPhone 5, first impressions

olloclip 2 Probamos el Olloclip para el iPhone 5

The first time we took the blister Olloclip its surprising how light it is. At only 28 grams will have a three in one product that can take anywhere in its carrying bag labeled with the product logo in white.

This bag also serves as a cleaning cloth if we touch the lenses with your fingers accidentally, which is quite simple if we removed the covers that protect them.

Installing the Olloclip on the iPhone is very simple. Simply insert the accessory in the corner where the camera is back and ready. The orientation will depend on the lens that we will use, being the larger of the fisheye and the other, the wide angle. If we use the macro, we have to unscrew the wide angle lens and ready.

Wide Angle:

gran 22 Probamos el Olloclip para el iPhone 5

The wide angle lens is one where you really see the difference when we remove the Olloclip and become inserted into the phone. That's where we realize the work that makes this lens to cover more field of view the camera's terminal.

The results obtained with the wide angle is very good but it shows some blurring at the edges of the image and a tendency to deformation of the image (basically a straight line becomes slightly curved). It's the price you have to pay to get a field of view much larger with a single photograph.

Note: to make the GIF to make it more visual the difference between using and not using the lens, it has lost some image quality.


macro 3 Probamos el Olloclip para el iPhone 5

The macro is the result that appears after unscrewing the wide-angle lens. We initially cost a little but focus on objects to be placed very close to the iPhone, while almost got to touch it. The result is fantastic, getting a central well focused and with much detail.

Then you have a small gallery with other sample photos taken with the macro lens:

macro 5 150x150 Tried the Olloclip for iPhone 5 macro 4 150x150 Tried the Olloclip for iPhone 5 Tried the macro 2 150x150 Olloclip for iPhone 5


ojo 7 Probamos el Olloclip para el iPhone 5

The fisheye lens is perhaps the most game thanks to his vision of almost 180 degrees. Thanks to that we cover a very wide field of view that we can use for fun portraits, interiors, exteriors and everything you can imagine.

Note that the fisheye lens may not be perfectly centered in the iPhone's camera, causing the picture cut out on one side more than the other. Olloclip says that this is due to the manufacturing process and to fix the iPhone, we simply push the lens slightly toward the dock. So get centered and avoid this cut.

I discovered this after investigating the Olloclip website this morning so in the following gallery you can see the effect of which I speak, and that is already solved.

Tried the eye 77 150x150 Olloclip for iPhone 5 eye 6 150x150 Tried the Olloclip for iPhone 5 eye 3 150x150 Tried the Olloclip for iPhone 5


All these effects we have seen also apply to videos but due to the cut that occurs when shooting sequences, also decreases the effectiveness of Olloclip.

Still, this is one of those accessories that you can not miss us if we are passionate about photography and our iPhone 5 accompanies us everywhere.

The price of the Olloclip for iPhone 5 is $ 70 to which must be added another 30 dollars in postage (about 74 euros in total). It is also sold in the Apple Store, Amazon and Apple accessories distributors.

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