Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tim Cook speaks about New Products and Apple Situation

Yesterday Apple shareholders sat to decide whether the current Board of Directors of the company should continue, the vote was positive and the current Council will continue to lead the direction of Apple at least for a while. However, as is natural, the shareholders did not hide their dissatisfaction with the large drop in Apple stock, remember that since reaching the milestone of $ 705 per share back in September, stocks have suffered a terrible fall reaching some 445 dollars, almost 37% in just five months.

Tim Cook Apple CEO Tim Cook habla de Nuevos Productos y de la SituaciĆ³n de Apple

Tim Cook has responded to some questions from the shareholders of Apple

The meeting was satisfactory to Tim Cook who received 90% of votes in favor of the shareholders to continue her work as head of Apple. Cook also expressed his dissatisfaction with the fall in the value of the shares, but says he is sure of the direction they are taking and the products in which they are working. It was just one of the nagging questions of investors, Wall Street seems to be concerned about the future course of the company's products. Cook responded with an interesting and enigmatic:

"We are looking at new categories, obviously. Do not talk about it, but we are studying it. "

Other questions that resonated strongly during the meeting was that Apple is targeting investment in R & D and the sharp increase in the presence of Android and Samsung in the mobile market:

"We are not limiting our investment in R & D for wanting to make more money. We are focused on working on a few things. Clearly, Android is in a lot of phones. IOS is also true that it is in many more tablets. Success is not winning as much as possible. Where market share is important is to be big enough to attract more people to your ecosystem. We have in mind the competition, do not have a blindfold on. There is a button or two that we could press to make the most of it, but it would not be good for Apple. "

To calm down shareholders about the future of the company is concerned, Cook has shown the incredible data that Apple has won this year.

  1. Over 50% of iPad buyers in China and Brazil for the first time buy an Apple product.
  2. Apple has obtained nearly 24 billion dollars in sales in China, more than any other technology company in the United States.
  3. Last fiscal year Apple has grown about 48 billion dollars, more than Google, Microsoft, Dell, HP, RIM and Nokia together.
Tim Cook Steve Jobs Tim Cook habla de Nuevos Productos y de la SituaciĆ³n de Apple

Finally also spoke of the future campus that Apple wants to build, he shaped spaceship where Jobs got so much interest.

"Steve spent a lot of effort into this before he died and we continue to do so. We believe we can get a third of our employees get there by bus. Currently 80% of the area is covered with concrete, but when completed will only be 20%. We plan to demolish all the buildings in the area and build a single building 2.8 million square feet to be the best place for collaborative work. "

Really can draw many interesting conclusions from what has been allowed to see this set of shareholders. Apple is aware that both Samsung and Android are getting more and more presence in the mobile market, but Cook has called for calm and that can only mean one thing, something big is about to arrive.

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