Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tim Cook prioritizes the user experience front of a larger screen

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, is in the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, where he talked about several topics, including the recent rumor indicates that Apple could launch an iPhone with bigger screen .

pantallas smartphones 650x312 Tim Cook Prioriza la Experiencia de Usuario Frente a una Pantalla más Grande

A Tim Cook seems most important user experience of the iPhone to have a bigger screen

Cook focused his comments on the user experience, saying it was more important than the technical specifications. Responding to a question about the larger screen sizes, Cook said:

"I do not mean what we do or not do (with respect to a larger screen for the iPhone), so do not interpret everything I say in this regard. Let me compare it with the PC industry for a minute. In the PC industry, through the years, companies competed with two things: technical specifications and prices. And that's why people want to say, "I have the biggest hard" or "I have the fastest processor," or in the camera business, companies began to say: "I have as many megapixels".

The truth is that what customers want is a great experience when using the device, and quality. They want to enjoy a good time every time they use the product. And that is a feature rarely than previously appointed. These are things we invent technology companies that can not offer a great experience to talk about the specifications and user experience. "

Tim Cook also spoke of the screens of smartphones. He said that "some people focus on the size." He explained that some things are more important than just the size, citing the color saturation and poor brightness OLED displays.

"I mean this only to indicate that there are many attributes on a screen to be taken into account, and this is what Apple is set. We care about all of them, and we want to get the best view. And I think we succeeded. I feel very satisfied in this regard.

I will not say what we will do in the future, because it would free up our magic, and of course I will not do that. But you know that the customer experience is always broader than what can be defined with a single number. "

In a show of sincerity, Tim Cook also said that Apple "never make a shitty product," adding that for new products, Apple should design "something big, something bold, something ambitious."

Something I did not mention, and that has always been a resource when explaining why Apple does not make larger screens, is the claim that the iPhone screen is the perfect size "thumb", ie , the ability to hold and use the phone with one hand (which has even one ad starring the iPhone 5).

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