Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tim Cook on Transparency leave a little message to the Competition

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has been talking for a while live on Goldman Sachs technology conference, where he has been asked several times about the iPad and the share market with its flagship products.

Contrary to what one might expect, the visible head of Apple has said it can not give much information about the dominating market share, precisely because their competitors are opaque when disclosing figures for device sales.

Tim Cook transparency leaves a little message on the competition: "We are the ones who give out about our sales"

Specifically, Tim Cook has said:

I think the market for tablets will be huge. It's a great opportunity for Apple. It is one of those areas showing the software and hardware can be integrated to create services that provide an experience to keep the mouth open. Getting in context, HP, which is the company that makes computers more units sold worldwide, and managed to sell 15 million computers last year. However, it turns out that it sold more iPad than HP computers, so we can infer a change in market trend. This has only just begun.

These reflections of Tim Cook was compared to the PC market are not new. The executive director of the apple company also said Apple was attracting both users who had never had a computer, and those who had one but not handled too well with technology.

tim cook transparencia competencia Tim Cook deja un Recadito sobre Transparencia a la Competencia

To talk about who dominates the market for tablets, Tim Cook began using the number of apps available and reliable metrics.

If we look at the data, we work based on our own experience. Some 300,000 applications are specifically designed to run on the iPad, while others have just a few hundred tablets. In this sense, we are leading the market with several years ahead.

In addition, Apple's CEO said that in late November 2012 had twice the iPad in the market that other Android tablets. According to him, this is due to Apple's love for the finishes, details and excellence. Despite this, he reiterated that his company does not look at how much of the market dominates, especially the following:

I have no idea what our market share, because we are the only Undertaker giving transparent reporting of how their sales.

And it leaves a detail sales managers of competition. In any case, Cook said the iPad was selling so fabulous in every market in which it competed.

tim cook transparencia competencia 2 650x432 Tim Cook deja un Recadito sobre Transparencia a la Competencia

The important thing is that the iPad is a device used everyday users who buy it, contrary to what happens with other tablets. These last words were addressed to Tim Cook companies that got into the market for tablets not sure that offer, and to them that way. What do you think?

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