Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tim Cook never wanted Suing Samsung

A Reuters article this weekend has fired the relative calm that now have Samsung and Apple. From him we draw some interesting phrases that we will pass comment.

Tim Cook never wanted to sue Samsung

The successor to Steve Jobs at Apple, Tim Cook, has revealed that he was carrying against Samsung to court in the first instance. This information comes from people who are quite informed, according to the author of the original article in Life. The main reason for this doubt is that Samsung was the leading supplier of components for the iPhone and the iPad.

And of course, who would dare to sue one of its main production partners? Imagine that the result of this legal problem completely cut its relations, triggering a collapse in the production of most mobile products apple company.

This is something of concern to Tim Cook for years, and moved to his superior when Steve Jobs started the whole mess of patents. However, Apple's creative genius patience ran out in late 2010, it was obsessed with that Samsung was going to use this fact to protect the economic compensation or penalty that could be imposed at trial.

tim cook no demandar apple Tim Cook Nunca Quiso Demandar a Samsung

So the Californian company sued Samsung in April 2011, opening legal proceedings in the courts of Europe, Asia and Australia. When Apple won its spectacular trial Koreans (one billion dollars of compensation), it seemed that everything was over and the waters returned to normal.

What is interesting is now. Apparently, now that Steve Jobs is gone, Tim Cook is considering closing all legal processes have opened against Samsung. Supposed to Apple CEO is tired and think you may be more beneficial to their interests the reach According to the Koreans. Not surprisingly, Tim has said on numerous occasions that he hates the legal and bureaucratic.

If you remember the words of Steve Jobs, this was determined to start a nuclear war and spend all your money on getting the Android phone market. Dared to call "stolen goods" to any Android smartphone or tablet that andase on the face of the earth. However, the Reuters article makes clear that Tim Cook says in a rather different from his predecessor.

tim cook no demandar apple 1 Tim Cook Nunca Quiso Demandar a Samsung

What do you think about the eternal battle between Apple and Samsung legal? Do you think I should agree and engage to give us the best possible products, or instead should get to the bottom of the patent war? Personally, I would like the solution adopted by both parties as little as possible would limit innovation and development of new technologies for us users.

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