Saturday, February 9, 2013

The U.S. government is "castrating" Thousands of iPad for Use

Not the first and certainly will not be the last, the U.S. government seems to be getting ready to start using iPad officially in their bodies. At least this is what can be gleaned from a report published by Bloomberg.

According to the publication, a company oped CACI International Inc, which specializes in providing IT solutions to the U.S. government, is securizando thousands of iPad for use in government organizations of all kinds. Apparently there is a security improvement software of Apple's tablet, but the company is "castrating" some features of the device to prevent potential security issues.

The U.S. government is preparing thousands of iPad for government use

castrando ipad El Gobierno de EEUU Está Castrando Miles de iPad Para su Uso

To our knowledge, the company may be changing wireless connectivity and camera devices. This will avoid photos or recordings are not allowed and also a change in the connectivity to avoid "information leaks".

In October last year had appeared some papers that claimed that the U.S. defense department was planning to implement at least 162,500 devices which would be much iOS devices. In addition, other U.S. government agencies also made the jump from BlackBerry to iPhone over the last year. In case the Bloomberg report is right seem to be happy with the changes that have made ​​BlackBerry to iPhone and have welcomed the integration both could now be thinking also incorporate iPad to your "arsenal" of electronic devices.

There is no doubt that both the iPad and the iPhone are two devices that generally enlarged to anyone who uses them. At first many people stay amazed with the possibilities of the devices, but as they discover and use all possibilities offered by the devices, the relative ease to create great applications through the API and the entire ecosystem around them ( App Store, iTunes Store, iBook Store, accessories, etc, etc ...) are really hooked on them. Of course there are people who just will not convince people who claim and new innovations, but still not currently have a really worthy opponent, at least not if we add the devices themselves and their ecosystem. A proof of this is that many governments are betting on these devices and of course the great success with the public and domestic business.

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