Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Staples store chain starts selling Apple products

Screen Shot 2013 02 26 at 5.53.38 PM La cadena de tiendas de Staples comienza a comercializar productos de Apple

Staples saw coming that would jump on the bandwagon of success associated with Apple and start selling their devices and accessories in the United States. Staples is an American company which markets products for the office and already has more than 2,000 stores in 26 countries. The first clue about the strategic move of the company came to us when we saw on their website that the Apple TV appeared on a page, suddenly, but not in stock. There were many who came to believe that it was a mistake, for Apple devices did not fit at all with Staples products usually sold in their stores.

Managers at Staples confirmed the news last week and now we can buy the Apple TV, Time Capsules, Airport, Magic Mouse and even accessories like keyboards and Apple smart covers, in either local or company through its website.

Note that most international Staples stores, and marketed some of the official Apple accessories. Now the chain has an agreement to distribute these products in the United States, including the Apple TV.

A curiosity: when Staples left see the Apple TV in your web-early-was announced at a price of $ 49. Unfortunately, the device has the usual price of $ 99.

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Source- 9to5Mac / Staples

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