Monday, February 4, 2013

The shipping time of iPad mini is in 1-3 business days in Some Countries

Since its launch the iPad mini has shone especially by their scarcity in stores. Apple has not commented on what were the reasons for the lack of stock of the device, but the gossips talk about the possibility that the problem could be related to the low production yield of the screen with the touch panel device.

tiempo ipad mini eeuu El Tiempo de Envío del iPad mini se sitúa en 1 3 días Laborales en Algunos Países

Apple positions the iPad shipping time mini in 1-3 business days for some countries like the U.S. and Canada

Now it seems that the Cupertino company begins to react and in some countries like the USA and Canada the Apple Online Store and sample delivery time device 1-3 business days. A long waiting time, much shorter than shown until very recently and that was about a month of waiting for those interested in purchasing the device.

It is unknown what may be the reason for this decrease in the waiting time, but is presumably related to an improvement in the production of the assembly line of the device or directly to a drop in sales caused by the end of the holidays and the disappearance of the initial boom following the presentation of the device.

tiempo ipad mini espana El Tiempo de Envío del iPad mini se sitúa en 1 3 días Laborales en Algunos Países

In the case of Spain the estimated shipping time of the device still shows 3 to 5 business days, a time slightly longer than that shown for the U.S. and Canada, but it coincides with other European countries such as UK.

Anyway, looks like good news for all those interested in purchasing the device. Shorter waiting times always encourage people to buy, knowing they will receive the product in a short time and will not have to wait for weeks to get their hands on the new gadget.

Is approaching Valentine successful Will this product at this time as "commercial"? Possibly yes and why Apple has decided to highlight the product as a good gift idea for that date , and offer laser engraving for free on his campaign the day of lovers.

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