Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Room Pocket allows us to play the first chapter for free

I already talked a while of " The Room "when he left his iPad version, a research and great puzzles game in which we must decipher the secret behind a room. Although initially it was only available for iPad, later called Pocket apereciĆ³ version, compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. Now, The Room Pocket allows us to play the first chapter for free, so I strongly recommend you to do to fall in love with him .

The Room Pocket 1

Mechanisms, keys, hidden switches, puzzles, mysteries ... are some of the elements that we find during the game, full 3D, allowing the eye to move around the cube at will, so that we can scrutinize every nook and track.

The game does not work on all iPhone models and that at a minimum, you will need an iPhone 4. Still I recommend downloading it in the future if you have the chance to try, because if you like this kind of games will not be sorry at all.

The Room Pocket 3

Its duration is not anything special (about 3-4 hours the entire game), but the experience of playing your test and buy justifies (0.89 € each chapter) also the latest updates from the game is full Castilian . What else you need to say you to download it?

The Room Pocket

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