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The Retina Display iPad mini 2 could cost $ 12 more than the current

Practically since the iPad mini was introduced for the first time began to hear rumors that the second generation of the tablet would have a high-resolution Retina display. Actually the rumor makes sense, since Apple usually follows these techniques with their products. First launches the next generation product and add features that make it better (many people consider Apple misleads consumers in this way, to change their device every few minutes) and this feature, the Retina display, is one of the most have been missing from the 7.9-inch iPad.

Now there have been rumors that the Retina display for the iPad mini would make the cost of materials for Apple ascended about $ 12. According to IHS Suppli the current cost of materials to make each unit dei Pad Mini is about $ 188 (including $ 80 correspond to the screen, the most expensive of all). With this increase the price would be $ 200, which would have to add other costs to higher prices of components, so that the profit margin for Apple continues to shrink, unless you increase the retail price.

ipad mini1 La Pantalla Retina del iPad mini 2 Podría Costar 12$ Más que la Actual

Retina Display for iPad mini 2 could coast $ 12 more than the current module

The rumor about the rising cost of the display comes from the Chinese newspaper Digitimes. A source who has hit more than once, but it has also screwed on countless occasions. According to them, the next screen iPad mini will have a size of 7.9 inches, but the resolution will be increased up to 2048 × 1536 pixels. Furthermore, also improve the brightness of the light modules that illuminate the bottom of the screen. This change also means the screen will have more pixels and LEDs, so that energy consumption and power requirements of CPU and GPU in a significant increase.

In the case of transition of screen iPad iPad 2 to 3 the increased factory cost about $ 30 total. The screen of the iPad 2 had a cost of $ 57, plus $ 40 for the touch module. While the display of the iPad 3 cost about $ 87, plus $ 40 Touch module. An important part of the final price of the device.

If the rumor is real published by Digitimes, the iPad mini 2 will feature a 7.9-inch Retina display and manufacturing a price higher than the current model Apple Will he be able to bear the cost of manufacture and not have to increase the public sale prices? Will they manage to improve or optimize battery iOS and other components enough that autonomy does not appear too small to mount a Retina display? We do not know what will happen and we have no time to wait and see what events Apple does with the next generation of its tablet of 7.9 inches.

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