Friday, February 22, 2013

The PS4 will use the iPhone and iPad as second screen

The new PlayStation was launched in early yesterday morning by a conference in New York expected. In it, Sony explained some of the new features of the PS4, as its graphics power, and social opportunities or the new touch screen control. That if, in addition to information and games that showed no trace of the console itself ...

Luckily, another important news was the compatibility between smartphones and tablets (as well as the PS Vita) with the new console.

And is that Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 may be associated with an iOS app (available soon in the App Store) compatible with iPhone and iPad, plus some Android smartphones and the PS Vita.


Under the name of PlayStation app, this app will transform our devices on a second screen for the console. That is, they serve as a second display, and can display information to the game or application you are using, such as a map of the level we're playing or a list of DLC's available and can buy them directly from the phone and then download them to the console .

Of course it is impossible to think of Microsoft with its SmartGlass or the latest Wii U with its command-screen.

The release date given by Sony for the PS4 is the end of the year, although we are sure that they will gradually providing more information.


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