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The prototypes we've seen the iPad in May could be true

If the rumors we've been watching on the fifth-generation iPad are true, this would be a tablet with a facelift quite evident on previous releases. In fact, it seems quite a Mini with 9.7-inch iPad, marking much thinner margins.

The prototypes we've seen the iPad 5 could be certain

Some specialized sites have commissioned Design graphic designers as some believe Ciccarese virtual prototypes of how this could be fifth-generation iPad. These renderings were similar enough to a Mini iPad but bigger, and they compared the new product with the fourth-generation iPad.

The images come from a MacRumors commissioned, and are based on the parts that we saw leaked a few days ago. These components have escaped the factories in Asian countries, and have come to the Internet mysteriously after going through a few hands. Are they real?

prototipos ipad 5 correctos 650x487 Los Prototipos que Hemos Visto del iPad 5 Podrían ser Ciertos

To me what most strikes me is the thinner profile, more futuristic, the tablet. And the truth is that I quite like how it would, especially when compared to the iPad 4 as shown in the following images. According to the Japanese blog Mactokara, iPad 5 would be 4 mm lower and 17 mm narrower 2 millimeters thinner than the current model.

The selected material would again aluminum, like the Mini iPad both are liking of consumers around the world. What features would this new generation iPad? Most likely to see slight improvements in processor and memory, an initial capacity of 32 GB (up to 128 GB for the top model of the range) and, especially, software enhancements.

prototipos ipad 5 correctos 2 650x487 Los Prototipos que Hemos Visto del iPad 5 Podrían ser Ciertos

This means that Apple should put the meat on the grill for the next iteration of its tablet, and give a complete facelift to its operating system, iOS. Users are crying and some cosmetic changes are easy to implement features such as profiles for different users, easier multitasking interface and direct access to the essential buttons connectivity (ala SBSettings).

prototipos ipad 5 correctos 3 650x487 Los Prototipos que Hemos Visto del iPad 5 Podrían ser Ciertos

The truth is that I'm pretty interested to see how this is finally fifth-generation iPad. I think the new tablets should reduce their edges and weight to be much more manageable, but without losing performance. Something like a real digital notebook from the external point of view.

Do you like how is this new tablet? Do you think Apple should take a chance and change the aesthetics of the iPad in May, or else should keep their personality and not make major repairs? What about iOS 7, what would you ask of the new version of the operating system? Should Apple submission with his new iPad, with its new iPhone, or do so in a separate event to give more hype?

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