Thursday, February 14, 2013

The New Zealand Police Pick iOS versus Android

The police department will deploy 10,000 New Zealand iOS devices to frontline officers in the coming months as part of a review of the technology they use, deciding to opt for the iPhone and iPad from Apple after trying several different platforms.

ipad policia nueva zelanda La PolicĂ­a de Nueva Zelanda Elige iOS frente a Android

The New Zealand police distribute 10,000 iOS devices between their agents after conducting several tests

In a statement yesterday, Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, and the police minister, Anne Tolley, announced that 6,000 frontline police receive an iPhone as part of the initiative and 3900 police would receive an iPad. The passage of the police department of New Zealand to the iOS system is due to a change in the telecommunications provider, from Telecom to Vodafone.

Police spend about $ 4.3 million New Zealand (2.7 million euros) to extend the program for a period of three months, while the total project funding will be around 100 million euros to the next ten years. The investment is said to attract gains in productivity of about 190 million euros during the period of ten years.

According to Stephen Crombie, chief information officer of the New Zealand Police, the decision to opt for the iOS system instead of Android or BlackBerry has been the result of 11 months of testing by 100 agents.

"The trial showed that the most useful tools for officers were small personal devices to make phone calls or send text messages, access e-mail and access to information and photo databases and an upper extension, as a laptop or tablet, for staff who have to perform data entry.

Based on the information gathered in the front line test, devices were preferred as the iPhone smartphone and iPad as tablet. The approach used to develop the applications means that the police can move to other devices with relative ease. "

This news comes on the heels of a recent report that said the Treasury Department BlackBerry Australia change to iOS. A growing number of government agencies and enterprise customers are making the switch to the Apple platform, including U.S. agencies such as NASA, NOAA and the TSA. It seems that Apple is still a huge untapped market, the companies and governments. Slowly going in companies getting increasingly, as we saw a few days ago.

What do you think? Would you like that in your work you give an iPhone or iPad to work compared to other devices?

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