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The New Advertisement of its 300,000 Stresses iPad Applications

The new advertising that Apple uses to promote his iPad and iPad Mini cites not only them, but also a vast library of applications. Right now, the App Store has over 300,000 app specifically designed to run on the Apple tablet.

The truth is that this strategy is quite successful, as no one can deny that the quality and quantity of applications in the Apple store is light years away from what Android can offer right now. However, the developers of the Google operating system are doing quite well and might change the tide in the medium term.

The new advertising emphasizes its 300,000 iPad apps

If you remember, the initial campaign of iPad Mini presented the terminal next to a 9.7-inch iPad, while both played a tune as a duet in GarageBand, showing that the new Apple tablet could do the same as his older brother. But let's focus on these new ads.

There are several versions of the same. Each presents the iPad and the iPad Mini running a number of applications that leave you with your mouth open when you do not know them. Also included is a simple phrase that emphasizes the category they belong to these apps. For example: "Sharpen your ear" for music, "Elemental" for education, "Versed" for reading, or "Open your mind" for creativity.

 La Nueva Publicidad del iPad Destaca sus 300.000 Aplicaciones

Obviously, these ads aim to differentiate what Apple offers from the competition. That is, make clear aim catalogs scarce tablet apps for systems with Android, Windows Phone, Bada, BlackBerry and others. These other companies, in contrast, tend to highlight the technical features of your devices (processor speed, memory, connectivity, ...)

For example, the Galaxy Note focused on the virtues of their smartpen when writing or drawing. The Kindle Fire HD showed the device still photographs showing a series, instead of showing the power of some of its applications. After this, the ad asked those present if they observed any difference with the iPad, a fraction of the price. A little presumptuous, do not you think?

 La Nueva Publicidad del iPad Destaca sus 300.000 Aplicaciones

If you remember, Steve Jobs was quite ironic to the quantity and quality of applications that were available on the tablets that stood Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the first version of Google's mobile operating system that came natively for tablets. He said there were fewer than 100 applications in the Android Market, but the truth is that only had 17.

Fortunately for users, this has changed significantly over the past year. With the arrival of Android 4.0 and later versions, the number of applications for tablet competition has grown considerably. However, there are still quite far from what the ecosystem can offer the block for those who want to get the most out of your tablet.

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