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The list of devices that violated Galaxy Nexus Patents

Apple and Samsung are already moving tab for a new trial to be held next year. The subject of the controversy could be none other than the violation of technology patents from both companies. So, both have been presented to the trial court for the Northern District of California its proposals for the judge to go making an idea that comes up.

The two tech giants have presented two documents, a list identifying devices that are in the spotlight. Among them include the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III. Both companies have added these new devices to the growing list of smartphones and tablets that violated technology patents. The legal dispute arose out of the controversy with the Galaxy Nexus range a year ago.

The Galaxy Nexus device list that violated patents

Apple has made its list of up to eight patents that Samsung has infringed, but the devices involved are more than twenty. In case anyone does not remember, only 4 devices were the initial Korean company in the famous trial of the patents. This phase of the trial ended in August 2012 with the delivery of a billion dollars from Samsung to Apple.

gama nexus violaba patentes 2 La Lista de Dispositivos Galaxy Nexus que Violaban las Patentes

Judge Lucy Koh, who by now must be pretty tired of the mess we are brought between the two tech giants, said on Tuesday it was considering stopping the process, until the appellate court resolve unfinished business from the first stage of this trial. Specifically, it is the resource that Apple filed to prevent the court process sacase some Samsung devices.

Also believes that two processes need not open, so would be wise to wait until the first litigation was resolved. For its part, Apple suggests that may be perfectly parallel both cases, because almost none of the devices of this new list is in the former. However, Samsung thinks it is best to do things separately.

We do not know yet what will be decided by the judge. Meanwhile, here's the table that Apple has filed against Samsung products.

gama nexus violaba patentes 650x419 La Lista de Dispositivos Galaxy Nexus que Violaban las Patentes

Apple and Samsung now has until March 7 to include all the documentation they want for this new cause. At that time Judge Koh will take a few days and notify them if you delay the case or not. In all, however, do not expect that things begin to be resolved until well into next year.

What do you think about this legal battle between Samsung and Apple? Should be more permissive competition thereby promoting technology transfer and enjoyment of users, or otherwise should be raised to protect developments that occur in their schools?

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