Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Jailbreak iOS 6.1 Cydia causes collapse

Yesterday we launched a tool that we were all waiting for months. Evasi0n is the technique available to jailbreak iOS 6.0 or higher in most Apple devices. A few hours later, I explained what you had to do to install Cydia on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The process could not be easier, and was fully automated except for a few details.

However, those who have done in any of our devices we found an uncomfortable setback: Cydia is ready for iOS 6.1, but the repositories and servers to install the plugins are collapsed. That's the thing launches worldwide.

The jailbreak of iOS 6.1 Cydia causes collapse

For example, all day yesterday I could install SBSettings, tweak the famous Big Boss that gives us the most common buttons available in the top status bar of iOS. I had to wait for this morning, when the Americans are still asleep, not to install it without having to see several flaws.

The faults are related to data access and repositories, not the application itself. As expected, if you manage to connect the plugin is installed correctly, so you can rest easy. The best advice we can give is the same as giving pod2g on his Twitter account: Try conectaros later supongáis hours or it will not be many requests. The latter is difficult because of the release of the jailbreak tool globally.

cydia error jailbreak colapso El Jailbreak de iOS 6.1 Provoca el Colapso de Cydia

We are preparing an article with some of the best tweaks available in Cydia and are compatible with iOS 6. However, we fear it will be some days until they can be downloaded without any problems. So please be patient. The good thing is that little by little tweaks developers those antiquated be updated to the new version of Apple's mobile operating system, so that in a few months we will have virtually all compatible and updated plugins.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that can give you to add a new Cydia package, and also to install some of the most popular plugins. If it's any consolation, there is nothing unusual is happening on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, is the repository of plugins that are completely collapsed during these days.

  • Failed to Fetch
  • HTTP/1.1 502 Bad Gateway
  • HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
  • HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
  • Hash Sum mismatch

In any case, if you can not wait, try several times to install your favorite tweak or add your repository. Maybe you let go at some point, download the few kilobytes needed for installation, so you can continue with the development of iOS 6 in your terminal.

Do any of you have not had problems with Cydia in the last 24 hours? Have you gotten your beloved jailbreak, but now you are with that you can not use your strengths? What is the most iOS tweak echáis less?

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