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The iPhone 5S could have the same look as the iPhone 5

According to the 10-Q (quarterly report sent to the United States Federal Securities and Exchange Commission by companies traded) presented by Apple, spending on purchases of the company for the March quarter of 4500 passes million to only $ 904 million. Clearly, in the last two quarters this spending increased considerably due to the production of the iPhone 5 and the heavy investments in new touchscreens in-cell panels, however, is still a big difference.

This data could be interpreted as a sign that the iPhone 5S will not need new manufacturing processes, in turn proving to be very similar to the current iPhone 5. Changes that could have be inside, as a faster CPU, better camera and some things that we saw yesterday . As there, this deduction comes from an analyst.

iPhone 5S Martin uit Utrecht 650x486 El iPhone 5S Podría Tener el mismo Aspecto que el iPhone 5

One analyst says the iPhone 5S will be only a minor update of the iPhone 5

More specifically this deduction has made ​​Katy Huberty, an analyst at Morgan Stanley. Katy sent the following note to clients:

"The lower purchases planned for production teams set a higher margin on the iPhone 5S. The Apple 10-Q reveals an expense in equipment purchase $ 904 million, compared with the 4,500 million spent just two quarters ago, when Apple invested in new touchscreens in-cell technology for the iPhone 5.

The decrease was probably due to the iPhone 5S will not require major changes to the hardware, so the GM's iPhone could be much higher in C2H13. "

Katy also says that Apple is about to get better deals on the NAND components for the future, noting the recently released 128GB iPad.

Apple tends to launch a major redesign of the iPhone every two years. Each mid-cycle update is basically increased specifications. Given that the current design of the iPhone 5 debuted in September 2012, does not think we should expect a new facelift this year.

trasera iPhone 5 iPhone 5S El iPhone 5S Podría Tener el mismo Aspecto que el iPhone 5

Apart from a few rumors here and there, do not know much about the iPhone 5S . Normally, the whirlpool that forms with different rumors usually produces a number of theories, ranging from an iPhone screen size to an iPhone 5S giant colorful addition to the increased speed of the CPU chip from the A7 and 13 megapixel camera.

The Apple 10-Q also provides a whopping 10,000 million dollars in capital expenditures for this fiscal year, representing an increase of 2,000 million year on year. In comparison, Intel spent 12,900 million in capital costs Samsung about 12,200 million.

Peter Oppenheimer, chief financial officer, told investors in a conference call that Apple would invest just under 1,000 billion in retail stores.

What about the other 9,000 million? Then go to "several areas", but especially for the manufacturing equipment for new products.

"We are buying equipment you'll own the facilities of our partners."

Nine billion dollars worth of equipment in just twelve months is a lot of money, even by the standards of Apple. Maybe Apple is considering switching to LiquidMetal?

iPhone 5 Liquidmetal concept El iPhone 5S Podría Tener el mismo Aspecto que el iPhone 5

If you ask the experts, the production on a mass scale of this alloy could take about five years to be viable.

Another possibility: Apple may be looking to upgrade the look of most of its products throughout this year. And let's not forget the expense of improving iCloud.

Ah! And we have out there Azaela Project.

Finally, there is the option that many people take for granted: the launch of a new independent television, which would require new factories and new manufacturing equipment.

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