Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The iPhone 5S could enter production during the month of March

When Apple launches a new iPhone, usually gets a very sales figures for the first and second quarters. The novelty of the product, coupled with the desire of many users to renew your device make the company gets very good figures. After this first half of the year, sales began to lose pace and, although still sell many units of the device, not as many as during the first two quarters. The third and fourth quarter, generally, represents a significant slowdown in sales, especially the fourth quarter, as the public is accustomed to annual renewal rate that Apple has continued until now with devices like the iPhone or the iPad.

iphone 5s colores El iPhone 5S Podría Entrar en Producción Durante el Mes de Marzo

Apple could have reduced its order of iPhone 5 and its suppliers

Right now the iPhone 5 is precisely at this time. Apple has had a very good quarter sales of the device, but is now nearing the end of its life cycle and it seems that this time the time may come sooner than expected, at least if the rumors that generated a story published by analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies is true.

According to the analyst, Apple could have reduced its request for iPhone 5 to their usual suppliers and instead of wanting 40 million units as previously estimated, the company could have reduced the number to 10 million. No doubt such a move would mean that Apple is seeing smartphone sales are not as good as expected and has been forced to reduce the sales forecast for this quarter.

The reason for this slowdown could be the next arrival of the summer months, at which time Apple typically updates its smartphone and launch the next generation of your device. In this case, Apple could go for start ordering the iPhone 5S to manufacture begins during the month of March and hits stores sometime during the summer, something that certainly would not be at all unreasonable.

Rumors say that the next iPhone 5S retain the same design as the current model, which is totally logical given the trend that Apple has continued until now. Also expected to mount a new more powerful processor (maybe a totally new, the A7) and a new camera with a sensor about 13 megapixels. Moreover, there are different rumors that Apple could launch the new model in different colors, similar to what he has done with the latest generation iPod Touch, for the first time, is available in six different colors.

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