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The iPhone 5 was the top-selling Smartphone Q4 2012

In recent months there has been much talk about the wear that is suffering the Apple iPhone on the market. On several occasions has been talking to experts about how Apple is dropping as the phone is no longer interested in the world. But is this true? Given the data published by the research firm Strategy Analytics seems not.

iphone 5 4s El iPhone 5 fue el Smartphone más Vendido Durante el Q4 del 2012

According to the firm, Apple has made ​​the iPhone 5 be the world's best selling smartphone in the last quarter of last year and even the iPhone 4S has been placed as the second on the list, ahead of Samsung's flagship, the Galaxy S3.

The 20% of smartphone sales in the last quarter of 2012 are Apple

The research firm estimates that Apple managed to sell about 27.4 million iPhone 5 units worldwide during the last quarter of 2012. This would represent 13% of total smartphone sales in those three months, certainly a tremendously important figure. But what is even more if we know that the estimates speak of about 17.4 million iPhone 4S sold during the same period, which added to the figures of the iPhone 5 would mean sales of 20% of total sales for smartphones Apple during the quarter.

ventas smartphones q4 2012 El iPhone 5 fue el Smartphone más Vendido Durante el Q4 del 2012

Meanwhile, Samung sold in the same period 15.4 million units of Galaxy S3, a very respectable figure representing 7% of the global market for smartphones, but quite far from the figures obtained by Apple during Q4 of 2012, matching quarter holiday period in many countries worldwide.

Undoubtedly the fourth quarter of 2012 was a marvel to Apple. The company managed to stand again as the largest seller of smartphones in the world, but if we see the overall numbers of sales of these two competitors since its release, we see that Samsung has sold 40 million Galaxy S3 and Apple has sold only 33 4 million iPhone 5 since its launch. Yes, the Galaxy S3 takes longer on the market, so he plays with an edge.

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