Thursday, February 7, 2013

The iPad recovers part of the market share lost

Statistics released by ad network Chitika are a great representation of the presence that different models of tablet on the market, especially focusing on the U.S. and Canadian market. Chitika network is present in thousands of websites on different subjects, so their data are quite good and targets on different tablets to access their sites every month.

cuota mercado tablets chitika El iPad Recupera Parte de la Cuota de Mercado Perdida

After the holidays, the market share of Apple's iPad appeared to have fallen, in particular had fallen from 89% to 79% between 25 and 27 December 2012. Now, it seems that regains most common positions and according to the latest report from Chitika during the month of January, the Apple iPad has represented 81% of total ad impressions shown in tablets, an amount far higher than any other competitive device.

The iPad recovers part of the lost market share according to the latest report from Chitika

In second place is Amazon with its Kindle Fire, although the penetration rate is much lower, namely 7.7%, a huge difference from the iPad which ranks first. Third encounter with Samsung Galaxy Tab with 3.9%, fourth is Google with its Nexus with 1.7% and fifth place is Barnes & Noble with Nook with 1.1%. The rest of the manufacturers listed in the report barely 1% of representation, so we can say that their presence is negligible.

share tablet dic2012 El iPad Recupera Parte de la Cuota de Mercado Perdida

After a fall in the share of iPad seems that it grows and goes back to the positions they had before. Amazon on the other hand should be happy, because after the Christmas season has doubled its presence and be the second star of the tablet market, at least in the U.S. and Canada.

Despite signs of recovery of the iPad, the Cupertino company has to keep fighting to stop the slowdown in growth. Many manufacturers are beginning to compete with Apple, so the company should put the batteries if you want to dominate the market with so much difference.

There is no doubt that the arrival of the iPad mini helps to some extent to iPad gaining ground in the market for tablets and possibly will continue in the coming months.

Apple Will he be able to continue to compete against larger competition each and voracious? Is there room for so many tablets on the market? The time we will be revealing the answers to these questions and others that may arise.

We are clear that we are left with the Apple iPad How about you?

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