Thursday, February 21, 2013

The iPad as a second display for Sony PlayStation 4

During last night Sony along with a large group of journalists and bloggers for presenting what will be his for the next generation console. Sony introduced the PlayStation 4 and discussed his options, features and more. But what Sony did was show how the console is physically, all he has shown is over. This has upset many people, there are people who believe that Sony teased them, but really, what is important to know the physical aspect of the hardware? o what is really important is to know what you can do? I think what really matters is what you will be able to do, but everyone has their opinion, we're not going to appreciate that.

mando ps4 El iPad Como Segunda Pantalla para la PlayStation 4 de Sony

Sony will offer an application to use an iPad or iPhone as a second screen of the PlayStation 4

At the launch, Sony has announced that users of devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or other Android terminals may use them to get more out of the console. Specifically Sony will launch an application in order to use these devices as a second screen while we are playing with the PlayStation 4.

No doubt this is a very interesting option. This will allow, for example, we can see the maps in adventure games, chat with other players in real time or buy games directly from our devices. The list of possibilities is enormous and will depend on the options that Sony wants to give us will be able to do pretty things.

Microsoft already offers something similar for your Xbox 360 right now. Your application is called SmartGlass and allows options like remote control of the console, see related content, write messages and, in general, almost anything that is done from the console. Hopefully Sony will match and create a good application for users of iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can get more out of the PlayStation 4, a console that possibly will become a huge hit in the time it reaches the market.

Apple still does not fit directly in the market for video game consoles, but thanks to the App Store and its iOS devices is increasingly present in this business. Business moving billions of dollars each year.

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