Saturday, February 16, 2013

The iPad 5 could arrive in late April

Since the arrival of the iPad mini do not stop rumors that the next version of the iPad with Retina display will have a similar design to the iPad mini. It really is a pretty logical step, the 7.9-inch tablet Apple shares design cues with the iPhone 5 and the iPod touch now, so it is logical that Apple will also update its 9.7-inch tablet to share the same design lines and thus unify all iOS range.

These rumors his now joins the prestigious analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray. Gene has hit countless times with their forecasts, so this time could also be right, or at least heading the right way.

ipad retina El iPad 5 PodrĂ­a Llegar a Finales de Abril

Gene Munster believes the iPad 5 could reach the end of April

According to the analyst, Apple may be preparing an event to the end of April where the company would launch the new iPad in May with a design similar to the current mini iPad. Gene is based on the timeline that Apple has continued in recent years for their releases, something that suggests a spring event where the company presented the updated iPad Retina.

In addition, Gene believes that Apple could update also to incorporate a mini iPad Retina display, but also says that could happen later this year and not directly at the event to launch a new generation of iPad.

Munster comment that the average time between the event and the event was 123 days, about 4 months or so. Moreover, it also points the longer time between two events happened when Apple launched the iPad 2 in March 2011 and did not present anything new until October 2011 when the iPhone 4S made its appearance.

Finally, Munster adds that besides the possible update of the iPad, Apple could use to update the AppleTV with a complete operating system and support for the App Store, something that would turn the device into something with a lot more possibilities currently offered .

If the forecast iPad launch in late April 5 confirmed, would just seven months since Apple last refreshed its tablet What will this people who bought an iPad 4? There is no doubt that Apple has to be careful, you can give a new update to get more people, but a very important part of their customers are accustomed to annual updates and if the company reduces both the time between release version and perhaps many of the faithful feel them fatal.

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